ChinaStone Company Brief

ChinaStone is one of the strongest leader in stone cut, carving, and hammered forged wrought iron product manufactuer.

With many of designers from East and West, we creatively combine the natural stone, wrought iron, and wood to form the long last beautiful products.

Our custom designed quality products for home and garden includs:

. Kitchen and Bath

. Fountain and Planters

. Carved Statuary

. Paving Stone

. Gate and Rails

. Decor Accessories

. Monument

. Garden Stone and Iron


ChinaStone. International. Ann Arbor, Michigan, Email us:  Support Phone 734-996-8051 . Copyright 2012



Our artistic hammer forged wrought iron is unique, it's a magic art. It has the abilities to blend with almost any material from stone to glass, from textile to wood, also has the unlimited possibilities to mix with your design and products.


Hammered wrought iron forging involves metal heated up to 1000 degree C, then using the anvil and hammering. Our artists put our artistic sole into the work. The final products are unqiue, surprising, delighted.